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With many countries legalizing the use of marijuana, the use of the grassy weed has grown to exponential levels. People are now buying and using it more openly, especially due to its medical benefits. However dosing the weed correctly is very hard as people are tempted to either overdose or under dose it especially when smoking it. That is why different ways of administering it have been developed to regulate the dosage. The medical marijuana comes in different types, which have distinct pros and cons. This article will, therefore, delve into the different types of marijuana and how they provide relief to your body. 

The vaporizer is a type of pot, which comes in vapor, and therefore all you need to do is suck it. You do this by inserting a cartridge full of marijuana vapor in it, press the suck button, suck the vapor inside, and blow the vapor out of your mouth. The dosage in this type of marijuana is measured by the cartridge, which has some readings and therefore, your physician can diagnose the amount of marijuana vapor to take. This type of medical marijuana is very effective as the results are instantaneous plus it offers accurate dosage which is very essential in the treatment of ailments. 

Tinctures are basically bottles full of marijuana in liquid form, all you need to do is suck the liquid using an eyedropper and administer each drop individually under your tongue. The sprays are similar to tinctures, you just need to spray the liquid marijuana just like any other spray. Tinctures and sprays are very effective, in that they are instantaneous taking a maximum of 30 minutes, have a good taste, and are portable. Tinctures and sprays are very essential types of medical marijuana, you can see them here 

Just like the name suggests, the edible marijuana are those types of weeds that are administered in foods and drinks such that you eat or drink them. The major problem with these types of 420 online is that, it is very hard to dose them thus risking over or underdosing. However, they are cost effective, fun to administer as you will be eating, and have a good taste. They come in different edibles like cookies, chocolate bars, and tea among others. In addition, you can infuse medical marijuana in your favorite food and thus making it easy to administer. 

Just like any other drugs, marijuana can come as a pill. This type of marijuana is very essential to people who never want to taste marijuana. All you need to do while taking this type of marijuana is just swallow them just like any other pill. They however are slow their effectiveness just in like it is the case with edibles but eventually achieve the desired results. In addition, pills are more costly than the other types of marijuana but ensure the right dosage as they are prescribed just like drugs. This in turn reduces the risk of over or underdosing.